Thursday, 26 July 2007

GMail Video Challenge

Google’s GMail team has decided to start making a video clip showing its “M” envelope being passed from person-to-person. The team has decided to let everyone else in on the action. You can make your own video clip of the “M” envelope being passed along. The team will tie all of the clips together and see what they get. They've provided a PDF file of the “M” envelope image for all you keen video enthusiasts to print off. Submissions should be no longer than 10 seconds, and they’re due in by August 13. More at Mashable

For a cool widget that allows you to prove your ID online, check out NetIDme

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

NetIDme Age & ID Verification: Reviewed Recently

Read this recent review of NetIDme

NetIDme was established in 2004 to provide a secure solution for social networking, online dating, instant messaging, e-commerce, online gaming and online chatting. It is the first identity verification service for the internet. (read more)

Check out the latest from NetIDme:

NetIDme Seal
CSIM Enterprise

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

NetIDme: Facebook Gaining the High School Demographic

NetIDme: Facebook Gaining the High School Demographic

Facebook Gaining the High School Demographic

comScore’s latest report indicates that MySpace is losing ground to Facebook for the high school demographic. While MySpace still holds the lead overall, Facebook has increased its number of US visitors under the age of 18 (about 2.5 times), while MySpace has dropped about 30% for the same age group. More from Mashable

Monday, 2 July 2007

NetIDme > NetID Authenticate

NetIDme has recently launched NetID Authenticate, an age & identity verification service for online communities.

NetIDme > OpenID fast increasing in the popularity stakes

NetIDme OpenID Blog

NetIDme: NetIDme To Become an OpenID Provider

NetIDme Supports OpenID

NetIDme: SABRE Award Winner 2007

NetIDme Campaign Wins SABRE Award 2007

NetIDme: NetIDme > Supports OpenID

NetIDme > Supports OpenID

NetIDme: NetIDme > virtual identities and trust on the internet

NetIDme > Review

NetIDme: NetIDme > Age Verification

NetIDme: NetIDme > Age Verification

NetIDme: NetIDme CardSpace > Business Benefits

NetIDme: NetIDme CardSpace > Business Benefits

NetIDme CardSpace > Business Benefits

What are the benefits for websites that support Windows CardSpace Technology?

Costs: The costs associated with fraudulent purchases will reduce.
Customer Experience: Businesses will be able to build better relationships with identified customers.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Businesses can demonstrate a real commitment to protecting their customer’s identity.

Single Sign On & Improved Protection for Web Users: NetIDme CardSpace, OpenID, NetID Seal

NetIDme CardSpace > What Are The Benefits?

Benefits of using NetIDme CardSpace:

Increased confidence – You can interact with Websites and Internet applications, with the knowledge that your identity will remain secure.

Consistent experience – You get the same easy-to-use, recognisable experience across the internet.

Control - You always remain in control of your identity & personal information.

Find out about NetIDme & OpenID